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DCF: Dust Collector Filters (

Manufacturer of high-quality replacement filter cartridges and pleated filter elements.

We manufacturer select dust collector filters with a focus on high-quality replacement filter cartridges and pleated filter elements from Donaldson, Camfil, Farr, Clark and a number of other OEM's. We can help you save thousands of dollars over the life of your machinery with filters that meet (and often exceed) the OEM specs.

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Request a Quote

We have a cross reference of nearly 40,000 dust collector filters. If you don't find what your looking for on our website, chances are we can still make your filter.



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    A good Donaldson filter crossreference is hard to find. We've done our best to catalog donaldsonfilters and Torit catridges for which many replacements are availible. We can recomend a good place to buy a Donaldson aftermarket filter. Cheap donaldson filters don't exsist but you can find very good quality replacement cartridges for a lot less than buying donaldson filters.

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    Farr Filter Farr cartridge filters (now called Camfil Farr) Farr filters. Using a good Farr filter cross reference (like the one we have here) you can find quality Farr replacements that are great quality and much better price than the Farr company filters.

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    Dust Collector Filter Finder Industrial air filter specialists. dust collector filter cartridge We specialize in the pleated filter cartridge for dust collectors (Our cartridge filter cross reference is HUGE), but we can find many other filters that may fit your need.